sierra marie
sierra marie


I am a wedding and portrait photographer currently located in Salt Lake City, UT. 

I've always been a picture/video taker. You can ask my husband who makes fun of me for having 10,000 pictures and 2,000 videos on my phone and the boxes and boxes of my photos and videos in my storage that I'll cherish forever.

What made me want to fully get into photography was when my mom was in the hospital my senior year. I rummaged through all of my parent's containers and found two full containers of pictures my mom had collected. They were full of pictures of my mom and her friends through out high school, at the beach, messing around and pretending to model, on drives in her convertible, pictures of my parents when they first started dating in their matching high-top orange converse, their wedding pictures and the first pictures of us kids-us growing up. I brought all the pictures to the hospital. My siblings, aunt, uncles, cousins and grandparents went through them the whole two weeks before my mom passed. One day as I looked at my mom in the hospital bed and my family giggling, smiling, crying and laughing at the pictures my mom took I realized it was what I wanted to do. I wanted to create moments like this. When the world should've felt like it was coming to an end my family was able to laugh and smile. My mom made the worst into the best just by the click of a button. 

I started out by taking pictures and videos of my now husband, my fav doggos, friends, and then couples. I shoot family, portraits, seniors, elopements, weddings, animal photos etc. I had my first wedding at the beginning of 2018. I absolutely fell in love. I loved snapping the REAL pictures. The love. The laughs. The crazy dancing. The stolen kisses.

My shooting will be different than what you expect. I'll do very little posing and A LOT of the real. I want to be able to portray you as you are. I want to capture your relationship exactly how it is and how you two are. The candids are the pictures with the real story behind them and the pictures you will remember forever.

The images you will receive will fully be you. I promise as long as you trust me I will put my whole heart and soul into portraying your day/session as it was. 

I can't wait to talk with you and hopefully meet you soon!